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Onate was forced to resign in and seven years later was tried and convicted for using excessively severe and cruel measures in chastising the Acomans. On the same date Cruzate interrogated Ojeda further about conditions at the Pueblo of Acoma and its boundaries. Pedro de Castaneda y Najera, chronicler for the Coronado Expedition which discovered the pueblo indescribed it as follows:. Abert, a member of the Corps of Topographical Engineers who accompanied General Stephen Watts Kearny on his expedition to conquer New Mexico, wrote the following description of his visit to the Pueblo of Acoma [10] on October 21, From the valley in which we journey huge blocks of sandstone rise, the tops of which are horizontal, and the sides of which reach perpendicularly to the height of or feet above the plain. However, in fairness to Onate, it should be noted that the punishment achieved the desired results in that it prevented a similar occurrence at Acoma for 81 years. On September 20, Ojeda stated [8] that the Acomans had moved to the safety afforded by the penol as a result of their frequent clashes and bickering with the inhabitants of the Pueblo of Laguna over water rights. Meanwhile, Governor Domingo Jironza Petriz de Cruzate, following the return from his first entrada into New Mexico, questioned Bartolome de Ojeda, an Indian prisoner who had been captured during the battle at the Pueblo of Zia, concerning conditions at the Pueblo of Acoma. Upon learning of the massacre, Onate sent General Vincente de Zaldivar and a force of seventy men to conquer the rebellious pueblo.. Like its near neighbors Hopi and Zuni, Acoma is one of the oldest continuously inhabited villages in the United States. Pottery sherds and pictographs on cliffs and kiva walls as well as the ruins of old settlements give clues to prehistoric migration routes. About this time, ancestral Puebloan peoples migrated out of their earlier settlements in the Chaco region and the Mesa Verde area of southwestern Colorado. Ancestral travelers from the north and south probably sought reliable river systems, fresh salt supplies, and natural defenses for their settlements. The remains of many camps and farming sites date back to this same period. Stories and tales relate that long ago the Acoma people lived across the valley from the present day pueblo on the enchanted mesa of Katsimo. One day a great rain tore away the footholds to the mesa top, and those who had gone to the fields were forever cut off from those who remained above.

They are related to the Acoma linguistically and culturally. The spots are reserved for the village elders and for Acoma military veterans. After riding the tour bus to the top of the mesa we exited into Acoma proper. Here are some pics of the drive out: You do pass a different Pueblo on the way to Acoma, Laguna. She also got to meet some children who were there. You also meet some of the 40 or so year-round residents who are selling pottery and food. You go around a bend in the road and a valley opens up in front of you and a few miles away is the Acoma mesa and some other huge rock formations. The art gallery is worth visiting because it shows some work by Acoma artists that is beautiful, much more than pottery too. And the houses on Acoma mesa are hard to pick out because they blend in fairly well with the surrounding landscape.

Name of Governing Body: Pueblo governments are derived from two traditions. Elements that are probably indigenous include the cacique, or head of the Pueblos, and the war captain, both chosen for life. Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico has been inhabited for more than 1, years. These officials were intimately related to the religious structures of the pueblo and reflected the essentially theocratic nature of Pueblo government. Number of Council members: Dates of Constitutional amendments: Number of Executive Officers: Language Classification: The varieties of each of the seven Keres pueblos are mutually intelligible with its closest neighbors. The reservation consists of three main communities: The traditional lands of Acoma Pueblo encompassed roughly 5 million acres. Number of fluent Speakers: All Pueblo people are thought to be descended from Ancestral Puebloan, perhaps Mogollon, and several other ancient peoples. In addition, the All Indian Pueblo Council, dating frombegan meeting again in the twentieth century.

After the survivors were herded to San Juan Pueblo, all the surviving children under the age of 12 were taken from their parents, and given to Spanish missionaries to raise; but most of them and the other survivors were sold into slavery. The pueblo is open to the public only by guided tour. What did the Spanish soldiers do to the remaining Acoma men of fighting age? I will meet you here. During the battle, the Spaniards brought a small cannon up the back of Acoma Mesa, and began firing into the village. After he came to live with the Acomas, the seasons grew colder and colder. The location of the Acoma pueblo, believed to have been established in the 12th century or earlier, was chosen in part because of its defensive position against raiders.

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Acoma Pueblo is built atop a sheer-walled, foot sandstone bluff in a valley studded with sacred, towering monoliths. We came to a large casino that we assumed was the Acoma casino but it turned out to be the Laguna casino. The backpack came in handy to carry some of the items we bought from the Acoma, pottery, etc. The Acoma Sky City Pueblo tour is not to be missed. The drive into the area is a stunner, the views from the pueblo too. He is an Acoma who was raised there and still lives there part time. With the exception of these two, all but the seven Hopi pueblos including Hano are in New Mexico. The inhabited pueblos at that date probably numbered close to one hundred, with an approximate population not far from 50, as against 25 now occupied, with a total population in of 11, This does not include the two small Americanized pueblos of Isleta del Sur Texas and Seneca Mexicoin the immediate neighborhood of El Paso, which might bring the total up to a few more than 11, souls. In there were about 50 friars serving over 60, Indians in over 90 pueblos grouped into 25 mission jurisdictions, the work including even a part of the wild Apache and the unidentified Jumana in the eastern plains. The province was rich and populous, having twelve pueblos with perhaps souls. No other entry of the Pueblo country was made untilwhen Fr. Unless otherwise noted, all the Catholic mission workers in the Pueblo region are Franciscans. This area seems to have been gradually narrowed down by pressure of the invading wild tribes from the north and east: Apache, Navaho, Ute, and Comanche—and by the slow drying up of the country, until at the beginning of the historic period in the Pueblo population centered chiefly on the upper Pecos and Rio Grande and about Zuni in New Mexico, and upon the Hopi mesas in northeast Arizona. A massacre of a Spanish detachment at the almost inaccessible cliff town of Acoma resulted in the storming of the pueblo and the slaughter of most of the inhabitants, January 24, In Santa Fe was founded as the capital of New Mexico.

Meet Catholic Women in Pueblo Of Acoma
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